An Inspirational story of Disabled Yet Creative Web Designer Ryan Hudson Peralta

An exceptional and artistic web-designer Ryan Hudson-Peralta was born in Detroit but unfortunately without hands. He has successfully managed to overcome his disability and never let it became an obstacle in his way. 

He has effectively improvised different ways to perform the daily tasks and yet those which we usually take for granted. Being enthusiastic and passionate about the life he drives his car, jet skies, four-wheeled ATVs and even flies a plane for the first time in the year 2010. He has become a daily life inspiration for everyone around the world. Read More Stories of a boy with travel dreams.

On his birth, Ryan Hudson-Peralta was born with a defect called Congenital Limb Deficiency. Due to this problem, he was born with shorter arms with no hands and legs that stopped growing under the knees.

As said by Ryan Hudson-Peralta, the doctors told her mom that your son won’t be able to go to school or play with other kids and even can’t get out of a wheelchair or drive a car and moreover he can’t have kids. They even asked her that does she want to keep the baby? But Ryan Hudson-Peralta always got support from her mother and helped him to become what he is today.

According to Ryan Hudson-Peralta, his mother always inspires him to move ahead and face the world. She used to say him “People say you can’t do it, but I know you can easily achieve it”. Today Ryan Hudson-Peralta has established himself as a famous web designer, passionate baseball lover and happily married to his wife Carrie and have two lovely children’s, Myranda and Noah.

We should learn from life, he is spending and what he has achieved despite his disability. Ryan states that “regardless of what’s happening in life, it could be worse than what we think”. He adds that what he is doing is the same that everyone should do and spends life with a motto “If you are unable to fix it then forget it”.


His achievements have proved all the physicians and the doubters wrong by keeping his mother's faith alive in him. Today he is working well as a creative web/graphic designer. He is gifted with these skills and has successfully designed more than 450 websites for clients nationwide through his own company NewMedia3. He was a creative director for two Detroit-based magazines and worked for 5 years as a civilian employee in the US Army.

Currently, he is working as a Web & User Interface Designer in Quicken Loans in downtown Detroit. He has also managed to fulfill his dream and was offered an acting role in the independent movie Right Angle which was filmed in Metro-Detroit. He worked with the famous actor Aaron Paul who is known for his acting in the famous series namely Breaking Bad. Ryan Hudson-Peralta loves his life and never allows any obstacle on entering his way.

Motivational Speaker 

Despite being a successful web designer Ryan Hudson-Peralta is also an inspirational speaker. He has managed several speaking engagements in the nearby areas around Michigan. He tells about his life struggles and ways through which he successfully managed these obstacles.

He eagerly spreads his message for daily life improvement that one should inculcate in their lives and be what one wants to be. Presently he is working on his first book describing his chronicles of life and experiences this far. The working title of the book is “Look Mom – No Hands!”


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