Why Women Can Be a Great Leader Without A Dragon?

“I may be small. I may be a girl, but I won’t be knitting by the fire while I have men fight for me.” —Lyanna Mormont

We have all watched game of thrones and even the people who don’t have time watch sitcoms. It is really attractive, isn’t it? But the main fact is what we have learned from it, especially from the female characters. They are strong-willed just like a woman in our society who faces great challenges to establish themselves in the world.

Success Story Of Struggler - Jyoita Mondal

The continuous stereotype thinking that women can’t do a man’s job plays at the high level of the presidency to any higher level of career a woman trying to reach. Women should recognize their leadership quality and embrace them in the outer world. At the CEO level, worldwide, there are only 3% to 4% who are women.

Our first finding is that the majority of leaders (64%) are still men. In this group,

78% of top managers were men,

 67% at the next level down (that is, senior executives reporting directly to the top managers),

60% at the manager level below that.

But now, the time is changing; women are coming forward from every aspect of life to prove their worth. That is why more than 9.4 million firms are owned by women, who employing 7.9 million people and earning $1.5 trillion.

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5 Qualities Make Women a better Leader Than Men?

The Ability to do Multitasking - According to science women are a pro at being a multitasker. And can do more things at once, which is also a reason why women are a better choice. A woman can set goals and she holds the focus and power to meet their goals without being distracted by their personal life.

A Good sense of Self – Women always have to fight to achieve their goals in life and especially in corporate world. The typical stereotype prevents women, who are as much capable to put extra effort in the workplace as men. That is why they know what they can bring to the table. This is not their ego but a strong sense of self. Certainly, an unshakable trust in them is a positive quality. Even if they face some obstacles and setbacks, they face it with poise and calmness.

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Persuasive Nature – Being persuasive is also a quality in women. This is the ability to persuade others to believe in one’s idea by the ability to read people. Women know how to show empathy by trusting a person, which helps them to be more persuasive in the workplace. This specific trait increases people’s trust in them as well as encourage them to come forward with their own ideas.

A Talent to be Fair - Women believe to give all a chance to prove themselves, which make the other workers feel included and encouraged to show their skills instead of cowering away from the masculine leadership presence. Women use their intuitive natures to discern conflict within a team; they also hear all the perspective of the situation before making the fairest decision possible. Also encouraging other people to approach a favor to the team, rather than give one particular person a bigger challenge.
Being Strategic A women will never back down from a problem until she gets the perfect plan to solve it. Because a woman has to face more challenges in life, that’s why she is a master of making strategies. They know how to play a game if they have to. Women don’t let their egos to get in the way of getting what they want; they will make sure to be successful anyhow.

But even after having all these leadership qualities, they still face serious obstacles in their workplace. Women were asked about their working experiences in the corporate world, these are their words “We need to work harder than men to prove ourselves.” Some even said, “We feel the constant pressure to never make a mistake, and to continually prove our value to the organization.” So in this psychological battle women still manage to be the best that they can be and try to prove their worth every day. Men wouldn’t be able to perform well under these circumstances, that’s for sure.


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