Best Hiking Gear List from

I love to travel. So it is quite obvious that I have all that necessary equipment to travel. Shoes, rucksack, gear bag, camera, power bank and all that.

So I am here today list that all necessary equipment for you, that you can have it easily.
  • Mountaineering shoes: Lightweight walking shoe. This is the main you need when you are on the trek. Well gripped shoe always helps you to walk easily in rocky roads.
  • Rucksack: Choose all-weather rucksack that you can rely on. 
  • TentLightweight enough for family hiking and travelling including wearable and waterproof floor with steel stakes for stability and strength.

  • Navigation map/compass: It is needless to say the importance of the magnetic compass on trekking. A navigational instrument designed to align themselves with the Earth's magnetic field.
  • Sleeping bagsEasy to clean and carry usage in summer, spring, autumn and winter. 
  • First Aid: Which must include First Aid Kit Box, Scissors, Antiseptic wipes, Tincture, Sterilized dressing, Burn dressing, Roller bandage, Burn ointment, Instant cold pack, 4 Adhesive Bandages.
  • Water purifier: For travel purpose, you have to carry water purifier. Because unpurified water can cause typhoid, diarrhoea.
  • Wearable: Choose clothes according to the weather of the place.Moisture-wicking T-shirts, pant, jackets, gloves, socks, sunglasses.
  • Multi-Purpose Tool - This is very important to repairs your gear. In a remote area, it will help a lot.
  • Safety Item: Fire, torch, battery. As we know fire helps to cook, boil, and some cases it signs as seeking help.
All the best for your next adventure.

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