Revealed: The Secrets Of Magic How They Tricks Your Mind

Magic has been around the world since written records began. And no matter how many times we see a magic trick, it always manages to play with our mind and hanging us wanting more. In our life, we have been seeing things behave in a certain manner, so we know that things can't do stuff without a proper explanation. But whenever a magician snaps his fingers and a ball in his hand disappears all of our logic and explanation goes out of the window. That is the power of "Magic" or "Illusion". There are certain things in his attitude that makes us believe it.

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Did you ever saw this trick where the magician tells his beautiful assistant to lie down in a wooden box with her head and legs dangling at the each end of the box. And he cut that box with a chainsaw and then when he opens up the box the assistant cut in half still moving her separated body in those separated boxes, this trick leaves us spellbound and we immediately start to think in which world is this possible? Magicians are the master of tricking our brain into thinking that what they are doing and how they are doing their tricks is completely by their magical power because there is no other way he could have done that.

Magicians have been training to trick our mind like that, to believe in the magic. But it really is our mind that leaves us to want to believe it, because it couldn't find a better way to place the trick. Here are some of the ways our brain get tricked...

Seeing Is Not Believing: Our eyes are the most important organ and also the most trusted, but not always what we are seeing is true. Magicians take full advantage of our Visual sense. Like in this on this picture, it appears like the circle on this image is moving. But the pattern of the image makes a visual effect that makes us believe that it is a moving picture.

Fill In The Gaps: Our mind always takes a short cut to make sense of the trick that just happened in front of your eyes. If you are seeing half a cow's body behind a fence post your brain will automatically imagine the other half of the animal's body, even though you can not see that half body part.

The Scientific Part: All the magician use one more trick other than illusion and that is "science". Science is a solid way which you can do things that seem so unreal but in fact, there are solidified formula working behind it.

The Script: Magician uses their words or verbal script to create the illusion for his tricks. He explains with his verbal power to make you believe in his magic trick and to fill in the gap of his illusion.

Free Will: The magician will make you feel like you have to choose the way his tricks goes and you are in control of his tricks and that he is just following your moves. But in reality, you are only choosing from the option he wants you to choose if you believe that you are already in deep his tricks.

Backup Plan: Magicians always have a plan B or C or D in case things didn't go by his plan. If you didn't choose from the trick you were given he will always make up for it with another illusion. You will never fool a magician and if you think you can then your brain is already getting tricked by him.

Like A Pro: The magicians are like a director or a photographer, they will always make sure that your action goes according to their plan, like where you are looking or what card you are picking. You will always do the things as the magician has planned for you because your brain can't do it otherwise.

So, next time you go to see a magic show just remember, you are in his control and there is nothing you can do about it other than just to enjoy the show.


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