2017 List of Top 10 Best Selling Books

“Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.”
Only a book reader can understand this line. A good book isn’t just an imaginable collaboration of words; they hold the power to take us some other places.
The great feeling about reading a book is when you can’t put it down until you have finished it. So for those bookworms, here are the bestselling books of the year to satisfy your inner soul... A collaboration of Inspiration: The Best Quotes About Life
10. “Into the Water” by Paula Hawkins (Published: 2 May 2017) $28 – 

This is the follow-up book of “The Girl on the Train”, an unstoppable thriller that has the selling record of 18m copies, globally. Just like the last book, we have high expectation from this one too. The story started with the incident of Nel Abbott’s death. Though many people including Lena (Nel’s daughter) seems to think that is a suicide. But Nel’s sister believes otherwise and starts to investigate. Then later on; she found out that Lena’s best friend Katie, died a few months earlier in the same place where Nel died.

9. “The Lying Game” by Ruth Ware (Published: 25 July 2017) $15.82 –

Ruth Ware, a contemporary crime writer wrote her third novel in her favourable category. Her previous books were the subject of female friendship when incidents take a murderous turn. The main subject is Thy Lying Game that the lead four female characters play in the novel. The game is to compete with each other by increasingly outrageous untruths: to “outwit everyone else – ‘us’ against ‘them’”.  But then they started to play it to save their lives after one text message that says “I need you.

8. “A Stranger in the House” by Shari Lapena (Published: 27 July 2017) $16.32 –

Another mind-blowing thriller filled with excitement and suspense. The main lead is Karen Krupp suffers a terrible accident which causes her to lose her memory, but then the plot thickens when a dead body was found and the suspicious eyes turn to her. Karen’s husband Tom is sure of her wife’s innocence but his beliefs start to shake when all the evidence points to his wife. And on the other hand, we have Brigid, Karen’s two-faced friend. She seeks this opportunity to finish her and tom’s affaire before Karen got married to him. These two parts of the stories are equally gripping and filled with a lot of mysteries.

7. “Behind Her Eyes” by Sarah Pinborough (Published: 23 January 2017) $17.17 –
This twisty psychological thriller which is placed in a domestic space leaves you wanting more. The story narrates itself in two points of views. First is Louise, a single mother of one who kisses a stranger named David in a bar, later turn out to be her boss. Then the story gets more interesting when Adele, David’s wife befriend Louise. She knows well about the love triangle between her, Louise and David, but she plays a wicked game to win her husband over. Is Adele as vulnerable as she appears? You will ask yourself this question again and again.

A kid-friendly book: DIARY OF A WIMPY KID #11 BY JEFF KINNEY

6. “The Sun and Her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur (Published: 3 October 2017) $9.99 –

Rupi Kaur is the 25-year-old Punjabi-Canadian author, whose previous book “Milk and Honey” sell more over 2.5 million copies. This book is a collaboration of poetry. It is divided into five chapters - wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. In this book also she tries to soothe our soul with her writing about loss, love, heartbreak and femininity.

5. “How to Murder Your Life: A Memoir Book” by Cat Marnell (Published: 31 January 2017) $11.00 –

This is the story of the author fighting in every aspect of her life. Cat Marnell was born in a house where she wasn’t allowed to do what she likes. Like her father has once said, "No more using the word feminism in this house!" And her mother was distant. So, her father being emotionally abusive and mothers absence she really didn’t have anyone to rely on. Her childhood memories are trigger point of her problems, as we have seen many times. She got addicted to the drug, goes through depression but she handles it all with humour. Her life story can be the answer to many of our problems.

4. “Origin” by Dan Brown (published: 3 October 2017) $17.96 –

The author of “The Vinci Code” is back with another science fiction mystery thriller, which is the fifth outing for Harvard professor Robert Langdon. The book is set in Spain, a country which is rich in history and religion. Robert Langdon is attending his former student Edmond Kirsch's presentation, which is a revolutionary breakthrough. But the more the story continues the more Langdon realized that it is more than just a scientific revolution.

More Interesting facts: The Real Secret Behind Magician's Tricks

3. “The Light We Lost” by Jill Santopolo (Published: 9 May 2017) $17.50 –

This is a story’s about complete and undying love between two people. Main leads Lucy and Gabe first met during their studies at Colombia University in 2001. And they instantly fell in love. But for his passion to be a war photographer, Gabe went his separate ways to fulfil his dream. Heartbroken Lucy too gets on with her life and marries Darren, a steady and reliable person but not the person to excite her like Gabe did. After 13 years they both united and starts to feel the same attraction before. Lucy would now have to choose between her heart and her mind.

2.  “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng (Published: 12 September 2017) $12.15 –

This is Celeste Ng’s second novel and dares I say what a comeback. The enigmatic artist and single mother Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl Warren arrives in Shaker Heights 11 months earlier in this story.  Mia and Pearl soon become friend with the Richardson, from whom they rented a house. All four Richardson’s children become more and more interested in the mother-daughter duo. But the story gets more interesting when an old family friend of the Richardson tries to adopt a Chinese- American baby, a custody battle starts which divides the town. Mia’s friend Elena now becomes a foe in this battle. Then starts to get more curries about Mia and ger post as she always appears to have some sort of secrets to hide. What would happen, when Mia’s past will reveal?

A social message: Stop Human Trafficking Before You become The Next Victim

1. “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas (Published 28 February 2017) $9.00 –

The main lead Starr Carter balances her life between two worlds, from the poor neighbourhood she lives into the fancy suburban prep school she attends. Her life was going on a good note until a terrible incident happened to her. Her world shattered when she witnessed her unarmed best friend Khalil being shot by a police officer. Soon this terrifying incident becomes a national news and people starts to come together to protest his death. The real question is: What actually happened that night, which lead to the death of a teenager?

These books are enough to make your life more interesting and vivid. These are the most popular author, who knows how to get you an adrenaline rush. Just make a cup of coffee and start reading these amazing books.


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