Top 10 Health Issues Caused By Stress

“What’s stressin’ ya?” You may have heard this from your friends and family quite a few times but then ignore it saying “I’m fine!” But are you really?

Stress is one problem of our mind that can lead to many other problems in the future. In our busy life anything can lead to stress; like work pressure, family problems, financial problems, relationship problem and many others. And these various kinds of stress are the triggers of below health problems.

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1. Heart disease – Type A personality or people who tend to stress out too easily suffer from chronic heart problems. When you are stressing out your heart rate become faster thus, the blood flow also becomes faster, which causes cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstreams. That affects your heart big time. Sudden emotional stress can also be the reason for serious cardiac problems, like a heart attack. That’s why cardiac patients are advised to take everything in a cool way to take care of your heart.

2. Obesity - According to Jay Winner MD research, stress causes higher levels of the hormone cortisol. This is the reason for increased fat in the abdomen. Excess fat on the arms or legs won’t be as much troubling as the abdomen. If you are stress out a lot for far too many days when you most probably become obese. So, make that stress go away if you want a fitter body.

3. Diabetes – Stress can attack diabetes patients in two ways. First of all, the behaviour of irregular routine will be back. Such as, eating high-calorie foods and starting a drinking habit. Secondly, stress increases the glucose level in the body, which resulted to affect the people with type 2 diabetes directly.

4. Asthma – Asthma is such a disease that can happen because of others stress. Parents who are always stressed out or fighting can be the cause of their children’s becoming an Asthmatic. Also, if the mother smokes also stressed out during her expecting time, her child is prone to born with asthma and even stress.

5. Depression & Anxiety – This is probably the most common disease related to stress. One recent survey shows that 80% people who are most stress in jobs because they are not getting paid enough or being pressured to do more work, tend to have the higher risk of being depressed or having an anxiety attack.

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6. Headache – Stress is the most common cause of tension-type headaches and can trigger other types of headaches or make them worse. A headache you will get from stress might not be your regular head pain. This can result in migraines,  better be careful about it.

7. Gastrointestinal problems – Ulcer maybe one problem which is not the result of stress. But however, it can make it worse. Stress is also a common factor in many other GI conditions, like heartburn/GERD and irritable bowel syndrome.

8. Alzheimer's disease – According to the recent study on animals, stress can fatal the condition of an Alzheimer’s patient. Some research also shows that reducing stress has the potential to cure Alzheimer.

9. Accelerated ageing  – There is a solid evidence of this fact that, stress makes you old faster. The one study between mothers, who were stress because of their child’s condition and women who were not, shows exactly how stress will increase the mortality rate. A particular region of chromosomes shows the effect of stress which accelerates ageing to 9 to 7 years. So, live long and prosper, without the stress.

10. Premature death – Again, if a person is not able to deal with stress, it might kill you. A study of the elderly people who were caregivers of their spouses has the 63% rate of premature death than the people of the same age who were not caregivers.

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Although there are many problems that can make you stressed-out, there are also cure for this problem. Like, regular working out is a key to long-term stress management. Also doing the things that you love or you’re passionate about (singing, dancing, drawing, fishing etc) can make you calm during your stressful times.